The Dead and Gone

The Last Survivors Series: Book 2
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Lexile Level: 680L
My recommended age: 14 and up

Who would've ever predicted that an asteriod hitting the moon could cause such massive world destruction. When Alex's parents don't come home the night of the disaster, the 17 year old is left to care for his younger sisters by himself.  As the conditions in New York City go from destitute to dangerous, Alex must find a way to feed and protect his young innocent sisters, and eventually get them out of the city to safety.

This second book in the Last Survivors series has a more intense, mature feel than the first.  While LIfe as We Knew It, focused mainly on the food shortage consequences the world faced after the disaster, this book explores much scarier consequences that would arise, particularly for girls.  There were dead bodies mentioned every page, several death scenes and suicides, plus an attempted kidnapping.  Beware that this book is not for younger readers, and not for the faint of heart!


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