The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
Lexile Level: 680L
Author: Stephenie Meyer

I am so glad the title of the book was the SHORT Second Life of Bree Tanner, because I would not have made it through her LONG life...

To be fair, if you are an ultra-fan of the Twilight Series, you will probably enjoy reading this book. However, gone are the days when Stephenie Meyer's writing was so totally engrossing that I wouldn't have realized that my "kitchen was on fire"... 

Bree Tanner is a young newborn, who doesn't seem to suffer any of the "newborn traits" described in Eclipse. She is level headed and becomes friends with Diego, another newborn who also manages to keep a very clear head. Together the two manage to clean up after irresponsible newborns and try to keep Seattle from finding out about the army. Until, Diego goes too far and disappears and Bree is marched off to the field. Of course you know what happens next...

If the blood-drinking from Eclipse and Breaking Dawn didn't bother you, then you will probably not have a problem with this "novella". As for me, after reading this I can't even look at tomato juice without gagging (that could just be the tomato juice though...yuck!). Anyway, as has been said before, if you have read one, you have read them all. Meyer doesn't sway from her writing style, and this has even less detail than the jacket covers on the other four books combined.

Perhaps it would be best to compare The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner to a Titanic novel; you know that everyone is going to die, and you haven't even read it yet...

~Happy Reading

Spoiler Alert:

I know that it is so out of character for me to actually tell you when I am going to kill the plot for you, but if you have read this and have answers to any of these questions could you please enlighten me...

1. Are there ANY physical descriptions of the characters other than the weird guy that no one can look at? And, if no one can actually look at him, why is he the only one with looks that we know about? Is Diego Hispanic, tall, Chinese...?

2. When did good old 'Eddie' dye his hair red. I thought Meyer describes it as honey-gold, not red..what was that all about?

3. Who thinks that an 18-year old guy-vampire and a 15-year old girl-vampire are really going to sit around in a dark cave for a whole day and talk about secret handshakes, ninjas and BFF's? (At least they didn't break any furniture...)

4. How exactly would you cover up the disappearance of hundreds of vampire victims, even if they are all prostitutes and drug addicts. (BTW, I didn't like reading about the cocaine tainted blood taste...nasty.)

5. Riley and Victoria..."kissy noises"... what is that?

These are just a few of my little "oh please moments", feel free to add any more, or even to solve the mysteries for me. ~Liz


  1. I too wondered about Diego and I think the weird guy just puts off that feeling, but doesn't actually look weird.. And, why doesn't the weird guy who gets away ever pop up in the later books when he knows so much? Didn't notice #2, I totally agree about #3...almost felt like she made it up as she went along because the obvious was too obvious. 4. Way too unrealistic, even in Twilight world, 5. Totally gross and way too much info..not the same as if it were Jacob or Edward.
    So, I did like that she tells Edward via her thoughts that the Volturri are scum, but who didn't already know that? It was a great way to kill time on my 1 1/2 flight to Spain. I would have much rather Meyer put her time into Midnight Sun Thank you very much!

  2. 1. Not that i noticed! only a few small descriptions (blond haired girl, big guy, etc.)
    2. I was thinking the same thing!!! I had a horrible time staying with this book, but that was one thing i noticed was off. i was sure he wasnt a redhead.
    3. Hahaha i couldnt agree more! stephanie meyer did a poor job on this book, in my opinion. (but then, im like you. my twilight obsessed days are long gone.)
    4. so true!
    5. hahaha i missed that part.... i read online and skipped about 10 pages

  3. I'm glad you put this up. I have to say I've fallen out of love with Twilight. I don't know but the "dazzle" has worn off on me. Really, I think it's the movies - they killed it for me. I liked the movies but I'm not a fan of them (if that's possible). I had no desire to read this book, however, I read your spoiler alert questions and I'm intriqued. I may have to give this book a go. - Julie


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