Author: Suzanne Collins
My Recommended Age: 14 and Up

If you are waiting for this to be made into a movie, plan on it having an R rating!

Barely alive, Katniss has survived Quarter Quell and is on her way to District 13.  Her kidnappers/saviors have decided she will be known as the Mockingjay, the face of the rebels!  Unfortunately, she doesn't know if she has the courage or desire to assume her new role, and everything is even more complicated because the capital has Peeta.

Most often by the time you are reading the final book of a trilogy, you have a pretty good idea what to expect.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  This a book about war and the implications of it.  There are some heavy sections and many deaths.  Unfortunately, they are not as "clean" as in the other books, and visually it was difficult at times.  Also, readers may be disturbed by sexual implications that are described by one of the characters.

Without too many specifics, I was disenchanted by this book.  Maybe I was a little too excited, but for me it was a let down.  Collins took her great moral story and turned it into a personal anti-war soapbox! Perhaps the greatest disappointment was Katniss's character.  Our strong heroine spent seventy percent of the book in a weak, mentally unstable, whiny state. (Maybe she caught a little "Bella-itis"...)

If you have made it this far into the series you have to finish it, and after you do, remind yourself how much you loved the first two books.

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Becky says:

My recommended age: 13 and up

While I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as the previous two, I wasn't as disappointed as others I have talked with.  Katniss was rather whiney and pathetic at times, but some of that must be attributed to her post traumatic stress syndrome.  I would've found it much harder to stomach her in a totally healthy, no side effects role.  The problem with her state is that it doesn't make for very entertaining reading. 

The middle of this book seemed to drag on, it was like lots of waiting (and whining) with an occasional plot moving moment.  I also thought that the ending had some totally disappointing, anticlimactic moments, but perhaps I set my expectations too high. 

As Liz mentioned, this book had tons of violence and some rather mature themes, but it didn't bother me nearly as much as it did Liz.  I found it pretty much in sync with the first two volumes, after all, children killing each other is pretty barbaric.  The author did definitely show how awful a government can be with a nation of slaves!



  1. I JUST finished it yesterday. I was not as disappointed as you were, I don't think. I thought it was a pretty good series on the whole, but this book was the weakest link. I thought the ending moved around jerkily...I would've liked to know more about what was happening in 13 near the end, rather than dwelling on her suicidal state of affairs.


    I was not as disappointed. I generally liked the book, however, it was not my favorite and I missed the old Katniss. You saw bits and pieces of her but she certainly did catch the Bella syndrome.

    However, my 2 biggest disappointments of the whole thing was the love triangle and Finnick. First, the love triangle. I expected a bigger and more precious love story. After Peeta returned - NOT Peeta - I thought, "Okay, someone new will be introduced. A new man whom she will completely and utterly fall in love with" (however, I was hoping for Finnick - I loved Finnick the moment he was introduced). But, alas, the ending came and no new hero came - not what I expected.

    Now second, Finnick. I had to re-read his death about 5 times for me to fully comprehend that Collins just killed him off, and it was not the heoric death he deserved. AND it was quick! It took one sentence! Finnick deserved much more than that.

    And one last comment. All my favorites died, and I'm counting Peeta in this. Because although, he was not physically dead the Peeta we knew died (cliche - I know but true). And I'm going to say this; if Katniss died in the end I don't think I would have been upset. I think I would have been content. It would have ended her self pity and depths of despair attitude that never existed in the first 2 books. I hope that doesn't make me sound too sadistic.

    As whole I liked it, but it was rushed and missing a lot of layers.


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