Life as We Knew It

The Last Survivors: Book 1
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Guided reading level: R
Interest Level: 6-9
My recommended age: 12 and up

The world is shocked when a meteor collides with the moon, knocking it closer to the earth.  For 15 year old Miranda, concern turns to fear as the earth is ravaged by earthquakes, tsunamis and all kinds of natural disasters.  Along with world wide mass causalities, all of the earth's resources are affected.  Suddenly there is no food, gasoline, or power, and people turn to survival mode.  Through all of the difficulty and hardship, Miranda discovers what true sacrifice is, and what is most important in life.

This book was a library recommended read which I have mixed emotions over.  While a bit scary, the story was mostly entertaining.  I read it late one night and then had borderline nightmares about the weather and starvation  (although this could just be me since I am always hungry).  The middle seemed a bit long and repetitive, as Miranda's family is locked in their house for a long time, but it was tolerable.  The ending was totally unsatisfactory as the author didn't tell us why things were suddenly better, and there is no resolution.  All that makes it sound like I didn't actually like the book, but admittedly I did, and I plan to read the next 2 books in the trilogy.  The story does contain some intense themes like starvation and death, some teenage kissing, and mild cussing. 


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