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Grammy's why didn't I think of that?

This summer, my mother-in-law started a summer reading library with her grandkids.  She has converted a small bookcase in her spare bedroom to a library.  It is well stocked with games and books that our kids might like, and the best part is that the kids get to check them out, take them home, and then return them or pass them onto a cousin.  It has been so fun as she has pulled out several older "classics" for the kids to discover. 

A huge advantage that I didn't think about, is that now all the cousins are reading the same books, which has created a bit of excitement!  The audio version of Nick of Time went from one cousin, to the next and then finally made it to our house.  My son had heard so much about it from his two other cousins, he decided he couldn't wait any longer and I had to get the book from the library for him.  The same goes with The Penderwicks, which after hearing about for a month, I was finally able to get my hands on.

During our first afternoon at Grammy's library, all the girls made library bags! It was such a cute idea, that I had to share it. She found cute placemats at a local store and then we sewed them in half and added straps. Then each girl got to add a design on the front. They were a big hit!

In addition to the bookcase, she has done "story-times" for the kids.  They all sit on the floor around her chair and she reads to them.  Oh, how I hope they remember that! 

Other ideas include an afternoon tea, a movie night sleep-over, book-cooking or even a book lovers brunch!  Whether you are a Grammy or not, or whether your grandkids are close or not, I imagine this idea could be so fun for a neighborhood or church group.  As we are already doing it, when you all come up with your amazing ideas, let us know so we can reap the benefits too!

Happy Reading

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