Regan Reilly Series Book 13
Author: Carol Higgins Clark

Regan and Jack Reilly steal away for a few days to celebrate their first wedding anniversary at Cape Cod.  Unfortunately, rather than  the weekend of newlywed bliss they were hoping for, a terrible storm hits the area, and a woman is swept out to sea.  Regan and Jack use their connections to help their friends track down her next of kin, but they discover that there may be more to her disappearance than meets the eye.

Wrecked is the 13th "Regan Reilly" book by Clark.  As with the other books in this series, Wrecked is a lighthearted fun mystery which features Regan, a private detective by profession, solving a rather unusual case.  There wasn't anything offensive in this book and the situation isn't ever scary or intense.  The Regan Reilly books are good for readers who enjoy mysteries without all of the dark, scary, or intense action.  I would coin them "light mysteries", (I'm sure Stephen King probably would probably call fluff).  Personally, I don't enjoy voluntary torture, so scaring myself silly isn't my thing, which makes these books (while a bit predictable) a good clean fit for me.


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