The Walk

Book 1
Author: Richard Paul Evans

Alan Christofffersen has everything going for him.  He is married to the love of his life, owns a successful business, and lives a life of luxury.  Suddenly it's all gone, and with no one left to comfort him, Alan decides to take a walk... to Key West, Florida.  The first phase of his journey as he crosses Washington State, is filled with depression and despair, yet he meets some inspirational people who help him see hope for his future.

This is the first book in an inspirational series by Evans.  I enjoyed reading it and had some total tear-jerker moments as Alan is helped on his journey by wise counsel from some unlikely people.  I particularly enjoyed the humor in the book, which made me laugh out loud in the orthodontist's office.  It helped keep the story light, inspite of the sadness of the main character.  The middle of the book dragged a bit as we read page after page of scenery descriptions, sleeping conditions, and Alan's food intake.  I mean come on, does anyone really want to know how many gas station hot dogs, burgers, or taquitos a person ate in 12 days?  I found myself skimming lines when the author mentioned his character coming up to any place associated with food.  There was nothing offensive in this book, and it has a great message.  Overall, I quite enjoyed the book and plan to read the next one (hopefully without the indigestion)!


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