The Shadow of your Smile

Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Adult Fiction

When Dr. Monica Farrell, a well loved pediatrician, is asked to testify about the miraculous healing of a child with brain cancer, she finds herself struggling to come up with a medical explanation for the boy's recovery.   She doesn't believe in miracles, and yet there is no way the boy should still be alive.  Meanwhile, members of the Gannon foundation are determined to get rid of Monica, before the truth about her wealthy birth parents is revealed.

I have always enjoyed reading Mary Higgins Clark mysteries.  While somewhat predictable, her stories are entertaining, clean, and not offensive, which I appreciate.  I listened to this book on audio as my family drove from Oklahoma to Utah.  It kept me entertained for most of the ride through Colorado and Wyoming!  As with the Clark's other books, nothing in the story bothered me, and I found it to be a great read.


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  1. I never thought of reading that author before. In fact, there are few adult book series that I trust. Thanks for the heads up.


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