The People of Sparks

Books of Ember: Book 2
Author: Jeanne DuPrau
Guided reading level: U
My recommended age: 12 and up

Now that the citizens of Ember have emerged from their underground city, what are they to do next?  The world above is filled with strange plants, animals and no civilization.  Having lived their whole lives with electricity and pre-packaged food, they aren't prepared to survive in a world without any modern conveniences.  Fortunately, they chance upon the city of Sparks, whose residents initially welcome them and offer shelter and food.  Soon distrust and discord enter, with each side accusing the other of sabotage.  Quickly forgetting why the world was destroyed in the first place, a war breaks out between the citizens of Ember and the people of Sparks which threatens to ruin both groups.

This second book in the Ember series is an excellent read.  It contains a great message about society, human behavior, and the dangers of revenge.  The author does an excellent job of showing what happens when people are selfish, jump to conclusions, and don't communicate with each other.  While it is very obvious to the reader, even though we can't see it in our own lives.  It is a good message for everyone!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz 

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