Is it ok to talk about a movie on a book blog?

I was absolutely determined that as a married mother in her mid-thirties, I was NOT going to see the new Eclipse movie on opening night. Not that there is anything wrong with seeing it, I just felt like I needed to prove that I did not NEED to see it AT MIDNIGHT!

Monday night (the day before it opened), I got a call from my mom asking if I would PLEASE go see Eclipse with her on opening night. Upon explaining that I would love to see it later in the week, she replied, "Actually, I got us tickets for the triple showing of ALL the movies: Twilight will show at 7:15 pm, then New Moon at 9:30 pm, and finally Eclipse at 11:59 pm". Can you say VAMPIRE OVERLOAD!

Like any good daughter, I would hate to disappoint my mother, and she was soooo looking forward to it, so I went to all three movies and I LOVED it!

In the past, whenever I have planned on attending a "based on the book" movie, I have read the book right before seeing the movie. What on earth was I thinking! I was setting myself up to hate the movie. By nature, a book gives more information and room for imagination, in my case, creating a great mental picture. And no matter how hard anyone tries, nothing is going to look like what I see in my head. However, given time, my imagination fades a bit and there is more room for interpretation, which makes it a great time for the movies.

The Twilight movies seen one right after the other were entertaining and built on each other. Like everyone else, I thought Twilight dragged a bit and the director and screen writer needed to be slapped. (What was up with Jasper). But, I was entertained and the best part about it was that they got better! After seeing New Moon, I wondered if it would be appropriate to hang a picture of Jacob on the back of my bathroom door (right after he changes back from being a werewolf, of course.) And Eclipse was well done. It had some humor and comic relief, to balance out the violence... yes, there was definitely more violence. 

My point is, maybe you shouldn't compare a movie to the book (the eight hour version of Pride and Prejudice being the exception...). Each has its own strength and people like them for different reasons. After reading the Twilight series, I was a Team Edward fan. However, the movies have given me a different perspective and with my added maturity, wisdom, and Taylor Lautner, I am thinking of running for Captain of Team Jacob. Either way, I have enjoyed both and feel that they are both good for different reasons.

~Happy Reading and Watching


  1. I agree with you on all points....especially the one about reading the book again just before the movie release. Bad idea. That completely ruined Twilight for me, as if it needed any help. LOL

    Loved Eclipse! I'm thinking they should redo Twilight with the current director and an better budget. Don't you think it needs some justice?

  2. I don't know about a re-do for Twilight. Would that be too much like re-doing the original Star Wars? Besides, the unintentional humor is very entertaining.

  3. Love your perspective on this. Maybe I'll give the movies another chance at some point. Haven't even considered seeing the movie before getting it DVD from the library! Me and my fam only laughed and rolled our eyes during the first two. But this is me trying to watch with a bunch of boys! Glad it was fun with your Mom!


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