Ready Freddy Series

Ready, Freddy! Series
Author: Abby Klein
Illustrated by John McKinley
Guided Reading: L
Book Type: Early Chapter Book
My Recommended Age: Any Age

You know at that moment when reading "clicks" with your child and they go through books so fast, you're just sure that they are reading faster than you are? When this moment happened with my son, he made it through all fifty of the Junie B. Jones in what felt like a week. Of course, if you asked him if he liked them, he said "no...they are all about a girl." Fortunately, shortly after that we discovered Freddy.

Every bit as funny, without all the baby talk, the Ready Freddy series is a great Early Chapter Book series. Freddy is in the first grade and is enjoying all of his first grade experiences. He is worried about losing a tooth, show and tell with pets, the class bully, and more.

Everyone, girl or boy, will enjoy Freddy. You may even catch yourself smiling once or twice.

Happy Reading

Series Order
1. Tooth Trouble
2. King of Show-and-Tell
3. Homework Hassles
4. Don't Sit On My Lunch!
5. Talent Show Scaredy-Pants
6. Help! A Vampire's Coming!
7. Yikes! Bikes!
8. Halloween Fraidy-Cat
9. Shark Tooth Tale
10. Super-Secret Valentine
11. Pumpkin Elf Mystery
12. Stop That Hamster!
13. One Hundredth Day of School!
14. Camping Catastrophe!
15. Thanksgiving Turkey Trouble
16. Ready, Set, Snow!
17. Firehouse Fun!
18. Perfect Present
19. Penguin Problem
20. Going Batty
21. Apple Orchard Race

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