The Rainbow Magic Series

Author: Daisy Meadows
Illustrated By: Georgie Ripper
Reading Level: M
Early Chapter Books

My Recommended Age: Any age

Nothing like a family read-a-thon to get you to read a series that you have had in your house for three years and haven't ever read!

What a fun series for girls ready for Early Chapter Books, and the best part is that there are soooo many books. At first glance, I assumed that it was a typical "fairy-book" with girls upset over shoes and bent wings. However, it is an adventure series that actually has a plot. I was very impressed.

Rachel and Kirsty are two young girls vacationing with their family, when they come upon a fairy in distress. The evil Jack Frost has scattered the color fairies thereby removing the all the color from Fairyland. Fortunately, Rachel and Kirsty are ready to help find them.

This first series of books are all about Rachel and Kirsty helping the color fairies. Then the story continues with the weather fairies and their lost magical feathers. Once you finish those, you can move onto the party fairies, the jewel fairies, the flower fairies, the pet fairies, or the special fairies. Each set has 5-7 books in it, so hopefully your daughter will have plenty to read.

Although it is not necessary to go in order, I would recommend at least starting each set with the first book, as it sets up the story for the series. Also, they have such cute covers, most girls find will them on their own.

Happy Reading

There are currently over a hundred books in the series. Here is a list of the first 70. If you go to the Rainbow Magic website, you can find the complete list there.

Color Fairies
Books 1-7
•Ruby the Red Fairy
•Amber the Orange Fairy
•Sunny the Yellow Fairy
•Fern the Green Fairy
•Sky the Blue Fairy
•Inky the Indigo Fairy
•Heather the Violet Fairy

Weather Fairies
Books 8-14
•Crystal the Snow Fairy
•Abigail the Breeze Fairy
•Pearl the Cloud Fairy
•Goldie the Sunshine Fairy
•Evie the Mist Fairy
•Storm the Lightning Fairy
•Hayley the Rain Fairy

Party Fairies
Books 15-21
•Cherry the Cake Fairy
•Melodie the Music Fairy
•Grace the Glitter Fairy
•Honey the Sweet Fairy
•Polly the Party Fun Fairy
•Phoebe the Fashion Fairy
•Jasmine the Present Fairy

Jewel Fairies
Books 22-28
•India the Moonstone Fairy
•Scarlett the Garnet Fairy
•Emily the Emerald Fairy
•Chloe the Topaz Fairy
•Amy the Amethyst Fairy
•Sophie the Sapphire Fairy
•Lucy the Diamond Fairy

Pet Keeper Fairies
Books 29-35
•Katie the Kitten Fairy
•Bella the Bunny Fairy
•Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy
•Lauren the Puppy Fairy
•Harriet the Hamster Fairy
•Molly the Goldfish Fairy
•Penny the Pony Fairy

Fun Day Fairies
Books 36-42
•Megan the Monday Fairy
•Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy
•Willow the Wednesday Fairy
•Thea the Thursday Fairy
•Freya the Friday Fairy
•Sienna the Saturday Fairy
•and Sarah the Sunday Fairy

Flower Fairies
Books 43-49
•Tia the Tulip Fairy
•Pippa the Poppy Fairy
•Louise the Lily Fairy
•Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy
•Olivia the Orchid Fairy
•Danielle the Daisy Fairy
•Ella the Rose Fairy

Sporty Fairies
Books 57-63
•Helena the Horseriding Fairy
•Francesca the Football Fairy
•Zoe the Skating Fairy
•Naomi the Netball Fairy
•Samantha the Swimming Fairy
•Alice the Tennis Fairy
•Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy

Music Fairies
Books 64-70
•Poppy the Piano Fairy
•Ellie the Guitar Fairy
•Fiona the Flute Fairy
•Danni the Drum Fairy
•Maya the Harp Fairy
•Victoria the Violin Fairy
•Sadie the Saxophone Fairy

There are also SEVERAL sticker books, writing books, coloring books, and I think they even came out with some Christmas Fairy Books.

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  1. Savannah read the Flower Fairies a couple years ago, we picked them up at the library. I had no idea there were others! Thanks for sharing!!


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