Listen to the Wind: The story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea

Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea
Author: Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth
Collage illustrations by: Susan L. Roth

Recently, I was exploring my mother-in-law's library books and came across this one. It is the picture story book of Three Cups of Tea. She had checked it out to share with her grandchildren.

True to the adult version, Listen to the Wind is an illustrated picture book of the novel.  The collages throughout are impressive, and the writing follows the story of Dr. Greg's journey with the children of Korphe.

My girls enjoyed the pictures and the story, and at the end, Dr. Greg has enclosed actual photographs from his trip.  It is the perfect "cliff notes" for children and adults of all ages.

Happy Reading

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