I really hope no one picked up this book because of me....

Here is the problem with putting what you are currently reading on a blog for everyone to see.

Picture this...

You have a stack of books that you are excited to read and have just finished several children's fiction.

You are updating your blog and need to change your current read, so you think, hmmm, I am ready for a Young Adult read. My mom recommended this one and it looks interesting, I think I will read that one next. So you post it as your current read.

Go to...busy week,

You only have a few minutes here and there so instead of reading your "current read", you read two much shorter books that you can pick up and put down easily.

Late at night, one week later,

You finally pick up you "current read" and immediately think..."AAAHHHHH! I hope nobody has read this because of me!"

Because of content, harsh language, immorality, drinking, and teens with no adult supervision, I only read four chapters of Along for the Ride. I realize that I am ultra sensitive to seventeen year old girls going to kegger parties every night, teens "fooling" around with everyone because it is summer and that is what you do, swear words, and parental infidelity "accepted as norm", but this was over the top (and I only made it to the fourth chapter!) It is not something I want my kids reading EVER.

If you picked it up because of me I am sorry. If you recommended it to your older teen, I am even more sorry...  Hopefully, like me, you had a crazy week and haven't had a chance to pick it up yet.  Regardless, I will be more careful in the future.

Happy (cleaner) Reading

My mother is so hearing about this from me!

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  1. Yikes! I actually just had a friend recommend this author, but haven't picked up one of her books yet....the teenage party/immorality scene turns me off too, that's not the example of "the norm" that I want set for my impressionable kids as they grow up.


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