Get with the program... summer reading programs!

Once again summer is here! It's the season of pool parties, youth camps, and in some cases a bit too much TV.  But never fear, there are ways to motivate your kids to turn off Pokemon and discover Percy Jackson (not the movie version).  Check out a few of the great bribery summer reading programs available.  Not only can you earn FREE prizes, but as a side benefit they will help prevent your kid's brains from turning into complete summer mush. 

Here are just a few that we have found:

Your local library: First and foremost check out your local library.  A quick google search showed me library contests from every state in the U.S. and many cities I had never even heard of. Prizes included amusement park passes, food, ice skating, baseball games, t-shirts, and more.  Personally I'm thinking of moving to Lousiville so I can win the free set of encyclopedias!

Barnes and Noble:
* Read 8 books and earn a free book.

*Read 10 books and earn a free one! (ages 12 and under).

*Set a reading goal for your child and they earn 10 free tokens when it's completed.

* Kids log minutes to compete for a world record!

Half Price Books:
*Earn a free $5 shopping card for each week they read at least 15 minutes per day in June and July (ages 14 and under).

iVillage, teamed with PBSkids:
*This progam is a getting kids to read and incldues a daily email with fun activities to build reading skills and a chance to win daily prizes.

National Amusements:
*Earn a free Wednesday kid's movie pass by submitting a book report (beginning July 7th at select theaters)

TD Bank:
*Free $10 put into a young saver account for reading 10 books.

Governor's Reading Programs:  Depending on your state, most of the state's first ladies offer a summer reading program.  Prizes for those usually include a trip to an amusement park or zoo. 

Whatever you do, keep it fun and let your kids determine their goals.  Summer is for having fun and being a kid.  For more ideas on getting your kids to read, check out Summer Torture...I mean reading. 

Enjoy and Happy reading!
~Becky and Liz

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  1. My kids are working on the Barnes & Noble one currently, we'll have to get with the program and sign up for the others, too! We're going to the library on Wednesdays all summer long!


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