So what if I only read "throw-aways"...

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about the different books we were reading.  Through the course of our discussion we discovered that she primarily reads non-fiction, educational, or what I term as "thinking" books, while I tend to choose more light hearted airplane reads.  As we talked, I felt myself getting a bit defensive about my book choices and wanted to shout "I do read thinking books sometimes!"  But then it hit me, it doesn't matter! 

My enjoyment of books comes from the break I get from my everyday laundry folding, mom chauffeuring, nose wiping, daily routine.  I enjoy mentally experiencing the thrill of the Hunger Games, or cheering when the bad guy is jinxed into a sea slug (Harry Potter 4), and even discovering which gorgeous boy the clueless heroine finally realizes she likes (Eclipse). 

Additionally, I am far more likely to choose a book that my kids think is cool over something that I heard about on Oprah.  Lets face it, I am a cool mom because I can discuss Harry Potter intelligently.  I always have something to talk about with my kid's friends since I've inevitably read something that they have.  This is great conversation starter, and nothing to feel like a reading idiot about. 

My point here is never feel ashamed of what you are reading.  Think about what you want to get from your books and then go with it.  Read for enjoyment, not out of obligation (unless it's school text books of course).  So don't waste guilt on  your reading choices, save it for the extra brownie before dinner! 


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  1. Hear, hear! Also, we have to read what the kids are reading so as to get their jokes (and make our own, ha, ha!), monitor, and stay young ourselves :).


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