Dear America Series: Voyage on the Great Titanic

Voyage on the Great Titanic
The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, R.M.S. Titanic, 1912
Author: Ellen Emerson White
Guided Reading Level: T
My Recommended Age: Middle-Grade Girls (6th Grade and Up)
Historical Fiction

Less than two weeks ago, I was under the delusion that I had read at least one book from a good majority of the major Juvenile Fiction series. Then we received a question from a reader about the Dear America Series and I was quickly humbled. I think a more appropriate comment would be that, I am willing to read at least one book from the majority of the Juvenile Fiction series out there, and I have read at least one book from a lot of BOY-oriented series. As my oldest is a boy so naturally, this is understandable.

However, this epiphany is so exciting for me, because thanks to Heather (whom I've never met...thank you so much for the suggestion!) I have discovered a great new series!  The Dear America series is a collection of more than two dozen novels where history is introduced through the diaries of fictional girls living in various eras. A combination of fact and fiction, the diaries offer a unique look into America's past. The young girls in this series are from all different backgrounds and each has a different story to tell. The novels also contain a "Historical Notes" section at the end which provides facts, photos, and other material highlighting the actual events that inspired their fictional stories.

I started with Margaret Brady and her journey on the Titanic and I thoroughly enjoyed it! An orphan, Margaret is given the opportunity to accompany a wealthy first class passenger on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Hoping to find her brother in America, she accepts gladly and is soon boarding the ill-fated vessel.
Thinking that the books were written for a younger audience, I was pleasantly surprised with the writing and story line. These are definately not your Magic Treehouse's rewritten. Although there is nothing offensive, a kiss is mentioned, and the problems of the time, i.e prostitution, pick-pocketing, kids drinking wine, and not enough food, are mentioned.

I am almost finished with my second, and will pick up a few books from the sister series, My America- The adventure series about the pioneers.

Happy Reading

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