Charlie Bone and the Red Knight

Children of the Red King Series: Book 8
Author: Jenny Nimmo
My recommended reading level: ages 9 and up

Charlie is watching his city crumble around him.  Evil seems to lurk behind every corner and most of the residents are quickly leaving their homes to escape the danger.  The Bloors will stop at nothing to keep control of the academy and Septimus Bloor's fortune.  Along with his friends, Charlie must work to foil the Bloors' plans, and save the city from being taken captive by the most evil enchanter every known. 

This is the final installment of the Charlie Bone Series.  It read much the same as the previous 7 books, and I enjoyed it.  It is perfect for kids who may not quite be ready for the Harry Potter Books, but enjoy fantasy fiction.  There were some scary happenings, including a boy being held hostage in a dungeon, sword fights, characters being killed, and kids being chased.  I would assume that anyone reading this book has read the previous books, so nothing in here will shock you.

On a side note, if you loved Harry Potter and are thinking of picking up one of the Charlie Bone books, check out my post about why you should start with the first book.


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