Stones Into Schools

Author: Greg Mortenson
My recommended age: Adult

Greg Mortenson is a regular guy who has (in my opinion) done the impossible.  After getting lost attempting to climb K2 and stumbling into a remote village in Pakistan, he makes a promise to return someday and build a girl's school there.  Now, many years later he has succeeded in building not only that school, but over 100 others in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  His organization, which is dedicated to promoting girl's literacy, has done amazing work.  Mortenson's first book, "Three Cups of Tea", recounts his work in Pakistan, while "Stones into School" continues the story of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  You do not have to read the later to appreciate this book (I didn't).

This book was chosen for me by my bookgroup.  While I do enjoy all genres, I can honestly say that I never would've picked it up on my own.  This type of non-fiction falls on my reading entertainment list somewhere between the ingredients on my cereal box and the driver's license handbook (only longer).  That much being said, for the most part, I enjoyed it.  I experienced a whole range of emotions, from getting choked up by Mortenson's amazing work, to anger at the Taliban's treatment of women.  I think Greg Mortenson must be one of the most selfless people ever, perhaps second only to his wife who supports him being gone ALL THE TIME.  This book is definitely not an "escape" read, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a more accurate picture of life in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Perhaps you, like me, will find it easier to appreciate all that we as Americans have.  There was nothing offensive in it, just lots of really hard life for poor people.


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