Someone Called Eva

Author: Joan M. Wolf
My recommended reading age: 11 and up
Historical fiction

The Nazi's occupation of Czechoslovakia hasn't been easy, but Milada and her family have thus far been able to find happiness. Then one night everything changes when all of the townspeople are arrested and Milada is taken away by the Nazi's. Chosen for her perfect Aryan features, Milada is given a new German name, forced to learn and speak only German, and indoctrinated with Nazi education. After several years of "Germanization", Milada, now called Eva, is adopted into a strong Nazi German family. All the while she struggles to remember who she is and understand why it has all happened.

This was an excellent story about a facet of Nazism that I wasn't aware of. I was quickly enthralled with the story of the innocent girl who was stolen from her family to meet some outrageous Nazi ideal. Milada's tale is heart wrenching, and brings to light an often overlooked terror faced by Hitler's victims. Parent's beware, this book is not for the sensitive young reader. Milada is kidnapped from her parents, taken far away, witnesses several beatings, sees a concentration camp, and talks extensively about the "smell" in the air from the camp. As with any World War II book, talk with your kids about the history and be ready to answer their questions. This books tackles some hard subjects.


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