The Sherlock Files: The-100-Year-Old Secret

The Sherlock Files series book 1 
Author: Tracy Barrett
My recommended age: 9 and up
Reading level: ages 9-12

Xena and Xander Holmes are positive that their forced relocation to London will be a year of boredom.  Everything changes unexpectedly when they discover that not only are they the great great great grandchildren of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, but are handed his unsolved case book.  Together they begin a quest to figure out the answers to some of his uncompleted mysteries.  

I stumbled across this book while skimming through my library's audiobook offerings.  I've always enjoyed mysteries and wondered how a kid's series of Sherlock Holmes would be.  I found this to be a great read!  The author didn't reveal too much to make the mystery easy to solve, even for me as an adult. 

There was nothing offensive in this book, not even any cussing (hooray).   Just note that Xena and Xander do travel around London alone, which I would never allow my 10 and 12 year old children to do, but they are never in any danger so it doesn't feel scary.  My disclaimer is that I've only read the first book in the series. There are currently 3 books out, and while I can vouch for the wholesomeness of the first book, I don't know about the next two; although from the tone of the first book, I'd be surprised to find anything different in the rest.


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