Author: Scott Westerfeld
Interest Level:  9 - 12
Lexile: 860L
Science Fiction
Book 2 in Uglies Trilogy

My Recommended Age:  I really don't recommend this book for any age...

It was with great anticipation I started this book, and oh boy,  "It wasn't pretty!" Against her will, Tally has become pretty, unfortunately her memories of rebellion are gone.  With her new perfect face, body, and hair, comes nonstop parties, luxury, and total freedom.  Yet, she knows something isn't right, something important. Then a message from Tally's ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what's wrong with pretty life, and the fun stops.

I really enjoyed the FIRST book in this series. However, the strong moral values you receive in the first book are completely obliterated in the second. As a mother of almost teens, I felt that the partying was too much!  Especially the idea that, "Adolescents are going to party and have fun regardless, so lets have them experience it in a "safe" environment".  Really, is any partying and drug use safe?  This could have been a great story, without the drinking, partying, "hangover drug use",  sexual content and violence.  I finished the book, but with trepidation, and I couldn't read the third.  I do not recommend this book for the age group it is marketed to (Grades 6-10), or really anyone. However, if you choose to read this book, proceed with caution.  

Happy Reading!

Becky says:  The content of this book didn't really bother me, it was actually what I expected from my reading of Uglies (although the cutting thing right at the end was disturbing).  I didn't hesitate to read the third book in the series, but as Liz said: reader beware of Specials.


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