Author: Jane Austen
Classic Fiction

At age 19, Anne Elliot is persuaded by her father and a dear friend to break off her engagement to Captain Wentworth, a man whom she dearly loves. Now almost 8 years later she finds herself unmarried and still in love with her former fiance'. When Captain Wentworth suddenly enters Anne's life a second time she hopes for a another chance at happiness, but can he overcome the hurt she inflicted on him so many years ago.

I must admit that I read this novel after eavesdropping on a conversation at Barnes and Noble.  This guy was telling his girlfriend (yes, really the guy) that Persuasion was Jane Austen's best novel. 

Well, I just couldn't resist testing out a guy theory of any Jane Austen novel.  Frankly, I find that all of Austen's novels contain a lot of "wishful man thinking" on her part, and was shocked that a guy had not only read more than one of Austen's books, but actually had an opinion. 

Anyway, I enjoyed the book, but found the storyline to be so similar to Pride and Prejudice, I wondered if Austen used the same plot outline when writing it.  I was also a bit disappointed with the ending because it happened so quickly.  It was almost like Austen figured she'd written enough so she quickly wrapped it all up with little fanfare.  Overall, if you like Jane Austen you won't be disappointed.  On a personal note, my high English is getting much better!


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