The Mother Daughter Book Club

Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
My Recommended Age: 11 and up

Anyone who has read this blog or knows me, knows that I am a huge proponent of moms and kids reading together, so naturally, I was so excited to read this book. That much being said, if all mother-daughter book clubs were like this one, the Bible would have been replaced with Little Women and President Obama wouldn't be sending moms back to school, he would be having them organize 19th century book club teas complete with carriages and organic cookies.

Sixth-graders Emma, Megan, Jess, and Cassie along with their mothers are going to take a whole year and read Little Women for their first book-club book. Well, all except for Jess's mother, who's off in NY acting on a soap opera. The idea was started by the mothers and the girls aren't particularly happy about having to hang out with each other, but agree nonetheless. The girls (who all have very mature dreams for their ripe old ages of 11) are all patterned after the characters of Little Women, and each has a special talent. What follows is a clean story about how a book can bond people and spark friendships in unlikely places.

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to keep track of names and characters as the writing wasn't outstanding. It was almost over the top predictable and "happy-endingish", but I suppose that is perfect for a tween girl. There is nothing offensive, but as with any middle school book, some of the girls are mean and play pranks. It was a cute fluffy book for an eleven year old, but not a real page turner for me.

There is a second in the series, where the book club book moves to Anne of Green Gables, but I think I am done until my daughters want me to read it with which case, I may need the cliff notes.

Happy Reading

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