Keeker and the Sneaky Pony

Author: Hadley Higginson
Grade Level Equivalent: 3.7
Guided Reading Level: M
My Recommended Age: 7 and Up
Early Chapter Book

If your little girl loves horses like mine, then here is a book for you!

Catherine, otherwise known as Keeker, has always wanted a pony. Finally her dream comes true when Plum the Shetland pony arrives at her family's farm. Unlike Keeker, Plum has not ever wanted a little girl, and wishes that Keeker would just leave her alone. However, when the two get lost in the woods they will have to learn to trust each other and in the process become best friends.

What 8-year old little girl wouldn't LOVE this book? It is a cute story with simple sentence structure and fun characters. It is the first in a series that my daughter ADORES! There is nothing objectionable in the first three books of the series, however, in the first, Keeker is tossed off the pony and then loses Plum briefly while on the trail.

Currently, there are seven books in the series.

1. Keeker and the Sneaky Pony
2. Keeker and the Horse Show Show-off
3. Keeker and the Sugar Shack
4. Keeker and the Springtime Surprise
5. Keeker and the Pony Camp Catastrophe
6. Keeker and the Not-So-Sleepy Hollow
7. Keeker and the Crazy, Upside-Down Birthday

These books are great for those girls in the Early Chapter Book Stage that either love horses or want something more than Junie B.

Happy Reading

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