The Golden Spiral

Hourglass Door Trilogy: Book 2
Author: Lisa Mangum
My recommended reading age: 13 and up
Grade Level recommendation: 9th grade and over

Graduation has come, but with Dante gone Abby sees little joy in life. When she discovers he's stuck "nowhere", suddenly there's nothing to do but save him. Unfortunately, Zo isn't going to let that happen without a fight. Now a master of time, Zo targets Abby's past, taking everyone away from her that she loves.  His power is terrifying and Abby must stretch her limits in order to match his will and save the bank of time from breaking down completely.

I have to be honest here, I thought this book was a little bit over the top on the sappy romantic mush.  I found myself reading about every third word as Abby professes her undying love and devotion to Dante for like the twelfth time in as many pages!   Come on, you are still 18 years old, get a little bit more life behind you already.  Having said that, this book is perfect for the target audience of teenagers who dream of nothing but their one and only.  The actual plot of the story was really good and I liked the twists and turns it took.  Once again this book will satisfy those in search of another Twilight series without telling the same story.  Nothing offensive in this book, in fact, there was a lot of kissing mentioned between Abby and Dante, but it felt less passionate... no hot sweaty moments for me in this book.  Then again, maybe it was because I was too busy gagging over the pledges of forever that plagued the story.  And yet, I look forward to the final book in the trilogy so I can see how it all ends.


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