Do you have to use your quiet voice in Barnes and Noble...

Who doesn't love to go into Barnes and Noble and browse their books while enjoying one of their yummy cafe brownies? They provide comfy chairs, free wi-fi, and are open late...a perfect place for friends to enjoy literary delights.

 Recently, we were working in Barnes and Noble and came across a hilarious You-Tube Video. Like all of you, we knew that we had to share....who wouldn't want to see a first-time skier straddle the rope-tow? Anyway, a few people came and asked what we were watching and soon we were all having a good time. Unfortunately, not everyone thought we were as funny as we did, and we were the recipients of a few lethal looks.

Which brings us back to our question, is Barnes and Noble a whisper zone? We realize that a library is meant for reading and learning and one should definitely keep it down there, however, Barnes and Noble is by no means a study hall. The mere fact that their chairs are "feng shui" for conversations and they offer sweet treats and highly caffeinated beverages is a good indicator that the noise level could be a bit higher. (If they ever add refrigerators we might move in.)

Really, if we have to be quiet in Barnes and Noble, does it mean that while we are looking at books in the Grocery Store we need to take away the free cookies and shush our kids? Or how about while looking at garage sale books? Should we use reverent tones while passing the sardine platters on the way to the .25 cent book box?

In hindsight, maybe we were a bit rowdy. We were a little short on sleep and had moved the chairs to a small corner of the store so we could be closer to the electrical outlets (the batteries were dead on the laptop).  Not to mention that we both have voices that "carry" really well.  So for anyone who may have been offended by our noise, we are sorry and we hope that you will forgive us.

As much as we try, sometimes we just have to laugh, and when we are together that is more often than not.

~Enjoy and Happy Reading!
Becky and Liz

You-Tube Video (Straddling the Alta Rope Tow)

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  1. It's a store! Not a library. And I think it's fun to see people in a Barnes and Noble just hanging out (that's why they sell drinks and muffins and keep you there). It sounded like you guys had fun, and was really a great idea for your brainstorming of the book blog.

    That was a funny skiing problem (I can laugh as I am such an abyssmal skier). Great to have a good laugh now and then.


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