Why do movie directors have to ruin perfectly good books?

Do you remember sitting in the theater when Harry Potter 3 ended and thinking to yourself, What did I just see? Where was the nice headmaster, the sweeping lawns, the school uniforms, and MOST OF THE ACTUAL PLOT?!  How is anyone who has not read the book supposed to know what is going on?

The number of books that have been released as less than wonderful movies is staggering. I recognize that it is impossible to fit all of a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie, but must we change the plot entirely?  I mean, what was wrong with the ending in the book Inkheart? Perhaps the movie director thought he knew better then Cornelia Funke how the story should end? (nevermind that it was her idea to begin with)  Take the movie of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.  The only thing the film makers took from the book was the title.

Of course, this a rhetorical discussion, because I fully recognize that I will never direct anything more than home movies.  It is just something the really bugs me, and wondered if it bothered anyone else?


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  1. Yes, Harry Potter movies frustrate me to no end for the same reason. It clouds my memories of the books and I mix up book facts with movie facts. It will be interesting to see how HP 7 goes.


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