Twilight Series Book 1
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Lexile Level: 720L

My Recommended Age:  Hold Off as LONG as you CAN!!!!  Really, at least until they are 13 or 14!

Now, I am going to assume that unless you are from a third-world country,  you have some idea of the plot of this book. If you have not read it, and don't want the story ruined, then may I recommend reading one of the many synopsises found on Stephenie Meyer's website.  (You may also want to consider stuffing your ears with cotton...just a thought).  However, if you are just wondering what my take on the book was, then read on. 

Recently my 3rd grade daughter came home asking if she could read this really cool book about vampires, called Twilight.  My first reaction was,


Bella Swan has just moved to Forks, Washington. There she meets Edward, a strange and gorgeous boy from a strange and gorgeous family -- and soon she's fallen madly in love with him. Unfortunately, she also learns that he and his family are vampires.  Worried about Bella's safety, Edward denies his love for her (and yet still shows up in her room to watch her sleep), until one moment when he decides that "Never mind, I have never felt this way about anyone, I love you," (I may eat you, but I still love you).

Before I started this book for the first time, yes I have read it more than once, I read the synopsis and thought, "You have got to be kidding me?"  And yet, I, like so many other women, loved it.  The first two-thirds of TWILIGHT is fairly engrossing with lots of smoldering eyes, palpitating hearts, mood swings, and a nice touch of fantasy. Then in the final third it turns into an action-thriller, as another vampire sets his sights on Bella, not to "woo" her, but as his dinner.

Unfortunately, it is not appropriate for girls of all ages.  Bella is a helpless, whiny, girl who can't seem to walk around without Edward near here.  Although Edward and Bella only kiss in the book, because he might get carried away and eat her, their kisses are a bit sensual and descriptive.  So much so, that even I felt a little hot and sweaty.  As mentioned before, Edward "watches" Bella while she sleeps, EVERY her themselves...Can you say stalker? Also, the end has an extremely bloody  fight scene, where Bella is miraculously saved by Edward and his family, and the evil vampire is ripped to shreds and burned....

I enjoyed the book.  It is very readable, in fact, I found myself reading a hundred pages at a time, enjoying it, and then not being able to remember anything that actually happened.   But, it is not for everyone.  And, once you do allow your kids to step into the world of Forks, talk about the real life consequences of some of these issues.  Like the fact that no 17 year old boy wants to "just be near you" all night in your bed...

I know that not everyone agrees.  I spoke with one mom who was reading it to her 7 year old, cause then she could edit it as they go.  I am just saying that not only does this book have some mature themes, but it is also the first in a series with some VERY MATURE THEMES, like all of book 4.

What ever you decide, it does entertain!
Happy Reading!

Becky Says:

My Recommended Reading Age: 12 for more mature readers, otherwise 13-14.

I have a slightly different perspective on the Twilight series. Admittedly I only read them once so I may not have understood all of underlying subliminal messages as other readers (like Liz), but here is my take.

Having a 15 year old girl, I am very conscious of what she reads and how it affects her.  I remember what it was like to think that the sun rose and set around guys, and being sure that the boy I "liked" was "the one".  I'm sure Meyer remembered this as well, so I guess she did a good job targeting her audience.  However, I am now much wiser, and I realize that the 17 year old brain doesn't really ever know what it wants, or have any concept of how long and far ahead the rest of your life really is.  Bella gets so enthralled with Edward that I thought it became an unhealthy obsession.  She knows he's obviously not good for her and totally dangerous, but she doesn't care.  Also, by the end she realizes that to be with him forever, she must turn into a vampire.  I don't think that any girl should think she has to change who she is completely just so she can be with a boy.    She is giving up everything (family, friends, and college) for a guy, AT THE AGE OF 17.  I just didn't think the message was the greatest for teenage girls. 

I also the the idea of actually drinking blood was really disgusting! 


  1. I'm with Liz, guilty pleasure...shouldn't like it, but I do.

    Thanks again to Becky for another great book. Becky gave me Twilight for a mindless read when Kevin was deployed the first time. So, essentially, it's all Becky's fault that I got hooked! :-) I too have read the series twice and liked it much more the second time around. Especially New Moon. It was my least favorite the first time through and I appreciated it more (though agree it could have been 1/3 smaller) the second time through.

  2. I so agree with you, Becky. I hated Bella for the first 3 books because she was so uncontrollably obsessed with Edward even though it was so obviously stupid for her to be. Maybe it just hit a little too close to home with my teen/dating years and I can't stand to see anyone else go through that. In that respect it does send the wrong message to poor innocent girls.


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