Author: Jerry Spinelli
Guided Reading Level V
Lexile Level: 590L
DRA 50
My Recommended Reading Age: 12 and Up

Have you ever read a book, and the whole time you are remembering having been in that same situation?  Maybe even regretting a choice you made, or wondering if you would have made a the right choice.  When I read Stargirl, I was immediately back in the halls of of my high school.  I noticed what everyone else was doing and tried to mirror it, but at the same time trying to be an individual.  Not too much of an individual mind you, because then everyone would notice me.  Author Jerry Spinelli must have known exactly how I felt, because he captured it perfectly in Stargirl.

Leo has never met anyone like Stargirl. Unfortunately, neither has anyone else at Mica High.  She is what every teen should be, a colorful, happy, secure individual.  She sings Happy Birthday to students she doesn't know, dresses weird, and plays a ukulele in the cafeteria.  At first, the students are intrigued and Leo can't help but fall in love.  However, when Stargirl acts out of compassion rather than popularity, the student body turns on her and then Leo must choose between being with Stargirl or being accepted by everyone else.
I would be so happy if every middle-schooler on the planet read this.  It is the perfect commentary on teenage social customs, and I can't imagine anyone reading it and not thinking hard about their friends, actions, and those who they shun because of their differences.  
It is not at all inappropriate, as the main characters share a kiss, but that is it.
I LOVED it! This is a wonderful book for middle-schoolers and their parents!
Happy Reading

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  1. I completely love this book, too! It's message is one for all ages to keep in mind, and the earlier kids relate to this message, the happier they (and everyone around them) will be.


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