Author: Margaret Petterson Haddix
My recommended age: 11 and up
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.5
Lexile 730L

Jonah, Chip, Kathryn and Alex have been sent back through time to the 15th century.  They must work together to save Chip and Alex from having to remain in the Dark Ages.  Chip and Alex resume their original 15th century persona's while Jonah and Kathryn strive to figure out how to make them disappear without destroying the whole sequence of time.  The danger is real, the food is bad, and the whole threat of death makes the mission pretty hard, but not impossible.

This second book of The Missing series was very entertaining.  Best of all, it was entirely different then the first, so you don't feel like your rereading the same book.  This book contains deception, an attempted murder of Chip and Alex, descriptions of living conditions on the 15th century (uh yeah, kinda gross), and a medieval battle scene.     

~Enjoy and Happy Reading
Becky and Liz

Becky writes:

While this book is under the same premise as the first, (children kidnapped from the past to be sold to parents far into the future), it is worthy to mention that if your child has an excessive fear of being abducted (as mine does) you may want to skip this series.  Also, as much as I loved this book, if we have to read the accounts of all 36 children being returned to time, the story will get a little old, no matter how good of an author Haddix is!

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