Say What?

By Margaret Peterson Haddix
James Bernardin (Illustrator)
My Recommended Age: 7 & up
Lexile 740L
Guided Reading Level: N

Great book for those who are in that transition stage of Easy Chapters to Chapters! What a cute story!

Three siblings realize their parents are saying all the wrong things! When Sukie spills on the rug her Dad exclaims, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too?" The kids go on a quest to discover what is wrong with their parents and end up cooking up a clever scheme of their own.

I read this aloud with my daughter and we laughed throughout.  My 11-year old son was even caught several times listening to the story. It is a very funny, clever story that is a quick read! There is nothing offensive, or worrisome in this one. Although their is some sibling bickering throughout! We gave it 4 stars!

Happy Reading

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