Princess Academy

By: Shannon Hale
My Recommended Age: 8 and up (If reading level isn't too hard)
Guided Reading Level: T
Lexile 890L
Princess Academy is a sweet story about 14-year-old Miri and her family who live in a small mountainous village.  Witty and charming, Miri longs to be big and strong enough to do quarry work like her sister and father, but is stuck with her small child-like stature.  Then everything changes, the king announces that the prince will choose a bride from among the village's eligible girls, and to prepare the girls they must attend a new Princess Academy. Princess training is not all it's cracked up to be and Miri discovers that she has the common mountain power to communicate wordlessly via magical "quarry-speech"
This a great read for girls of all ages, if the reading level is not too difficult.  There are some minor references to fights among villagers and bandits, as well as one of the bandits falling off a cliff, but nothing descriptive.  We enjoyed the girls discovering their potential, without feeling like it was the script for Princess Diaries.  The minor romance sub-plot was never inappropriate and had a cute ending.
Overall, we enjoyed the book and can't wait to read it with our girls!
Happy Reading and Enjoy!
~Liz and Becky

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation and for starting this blog! My daughter LOVES to read and because she reads several levels above her grade I sometimes find it challenging to know which books are both appropriate for her level AND have appropriate content for her age. I'm excited to check back often and read your reviews and recommendations. Thanks!


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