Once upon a Marigold

Once Upon a Marigold
Author: Jean Ferris
Grade Level Equivalent: 6.2
Guided Reading Level: W
Lexile Level: 840L
DRA 60
My Recommended Age: 11 and Up

What do you do when you fall in love with a princess whom you've never met, but, has promised to be your eternal best friend?

Christian has been watching Princess Marigold through a telescope and is officially smitten. He begins communicating through p-mail (carrier pigeons) and the romance begins. But he's just a commoner, and no match for royalty. Heck, he lives in a cave with a troll!

What a cute story! Once upon a Marigold is a fast moving fairy-tale full of puns and mismatched idioms. The writing isn't going to win any awards, but it was still entertaining. Typical of fairy-tales, the characters all drink wine, and a few of the characters drink too much!

The ending alludes to a sequel, which I will definitely read!

Happy Reading

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