The Messenger

Author: Lois Lowry
My Recommended Reading age: 12 and up
Guided Reading Level: V
Lexile 720L
Matty has spent the last several years of his young life living in the care of a blind man called "Seer".  Arriving in Village years earlier from an outside town, where he was neglected and abused, Matty is nurtured and becomes a good young man with the help of "Village".  Now times are changing, and citizens are becoming mean, angry, and selfish. The town has always welcomed any outsiders who wished to settle there, but there is talk of closing the borders. In a desperate attempt to help bring Seer's daughter to Village, Matty sets out on a dangerous journey through forest, where he learns his true life's gift, and what he must do to help save not only Seer's daughter, but Village itself.
This book is a companion to the book The Giver. Jonah is not the main character in this book, but he a part of the story. There are some intense descriptions of trees killing people with their branches and abuses that happen to kids in towns outside Village. Lowry's descriptions are pretty accurate and I could picture what was happening. Nothing that offended, but I would say a bit disturbing to think about.


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