Junie B. Jones

Author: Barbara Park
Lexile levels: 340-420L
Guided reading level: M
My recommended reading age: 6 and up (depending on reading level)

Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business was my introduction to this series. When the kids discussed the disappointment of not having a monkey for a brother, or dad who is a potato, I laughed out loud. This doesn't happen often when reading a 2nd grade chapter book, so we proceeded to buy the whole series (we love book orders).  These books are totally entertaining and fun for the kids to read.  I would say that this series is preferred primarily by girls because Junie B. is, after all, a girl... but my boys did laugh too (don't tell them I told you).  

In the essence of time and my sanity, I am going to post Junie B. Jones as a collective series, rather than listing each of the 29 books individually.  My other reason is that really, if you've read one, you've read them all.  There's nothing offensive or scary in this series, just silly fun.  One word here about something that bugged me (probably because I am old).  Junie B's. language skills are sorely lacking.  I often wondered if she should be in remedial kindergarten.  I mean really, it was funny, but I don't know any kindergartners that don't actually call their teacher by name.  Even my 3 year old has better speech patterns than Junie B.  So if you want to encourage your kids to speak correctly (and I'm not talking about high English here), this series may not be for you.  If you recognize that this is just a funny series of books that will get your kids hooked on reading, than you'll love Junie B.  After all, my 15 year old read these books in the 2nd grade, and she talks English pretty good.

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  1. Great Review Beck!
    Brandon was introduced to the series by his 1st grade teacher. Imagine the fun of listening to her read with a heavy Louisiana accent! It is one of our favorite series and has been passed on (shockingly) from brother to brother. Emily never got as hooked as my boys did.


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