I.Q. Book 1: Independence Hall

Author: Roland Smith
My recommended age: 12 and up
Guided Reading Level: Y
Lexile Level: 660L
Interest level: 7-12 grade

Q (12) and his new stepsister Angela (15) head out with their newlywed, famous, rockstar parents on a one year cross country music tour.  This seemingly routine trip becomes much more than just a year of "road-home school", as some rather shady characters begin stalking the kids.  Questions about Angela's deceased mother pop up and the trip takes a deadly turn.

This was a great new series find!  It was totally captivating and fun to read.  There were some tense moments where the kids were separated from their parents and had assissins stalking them.  Nothing offensive in the story, and we are so looking forward to the next book.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz

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