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A year after my husband I were married, we moved 13 hours away from our hometown so he could go to school.  While for some people this might still be too close, I am the opposite.  During the first year alone we made 4 trips back home to visit family for various reasons.  This is when I discovered the joy of audiobooks.  You see, I very rarely sleep in the car, I prefer an actual bed.  Unfortunately, it's too hard to read because of the whole motion sickness thing. I do enjoy checking out the scenery around me,but let's face it, there isn't much to see along I-80 in Wyoming, and really, sports radio just isn't my thing.  On one of our first trips home, I discovered that I could drive pretty much the whole way if only I had a good audiobook.  So before each trip, I'd head to the grocery for some really good snacks (another must), and then down to the library for 26 hours of listening enjoyment!

That wonderful discovery all those years ago has proved to be a terrific find on several fronts. While living in Germany,our family traveled around Europe listening to books that everyone enjoyed. I remember driving through the Black Forest of Southern Germany listening to SuperFudge by Judy Blume with my kids laughing like loons. Keeping them entertained this way also made for fewer bathroom breaks and far less complaining such as: "He's looking at my side of the world" or "She's breathing my air." I'm sure that this has instilled in all of my kids the same love for books, that I have. For the most part, my kids will listen to audiobooks on their iPods rather than music. Just today in fact, my daughter told me it was my fault she was a geek because she didn't know any good songs (due to the fact that we're listening to books instead!).

Another benefit of audiobooks is that they are a great distractor.  Let's face it, who likes to clean the bathrooms? NO ONE, but it has to be done.  Housework (the job that never ends) is always there.  Yet for me it is totally tolerable with a book playing in my ears.  Sorting laundry, making dinner, vacuuming, chauffeuring, any of these jobs are fine with a book.  Honestly, I'm more thorough in my cleaning if I'm really into the story because I take more time on the job just so I can keep listening.

So head to the library and get an audiobook, these days it is easier than ever. No longer do I haul around 12+ cassette tapes, I just upload the CD's onto my iPod and my book is right there in my purse anytime I have a free minute to listen. Most libraries offer a variety of E-media so you can download the book directly onto your MP3 from home, while in your pajamas and eating a brownie!


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