The Help

The Help
Author: Kathryn Stockett
Historical Fiction

While reading The Help, I felt like a fly on the wall witnessing Mississippi in 1962, where "seperate is equal" and Rosa Parks is a black-listed hero.  During these challenging times, Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny come together hoping that their efforts will make a difference in the lives of their children. 

I did not expect this book to hit so close to home. After all, I did not grow up in the South, nor have I ever lived in a racially mixed area. But the book isn't just about racism and civil rights. It's about the lives of several women surviving in a time when everything is going from black and white to gray (literally).  The writing in this book was so vivid, I could picture each of the ladies at home in great detail. The dialogue was so real, that I knew what the women should sound like.  While reading this, I laughed and cried and thought alot.  I thought about so many different issues.  I reflected on my mothering skills, my relationships with others, including my mom, and the people I have chosen to follow. 

If I had to give this book a rating I would say it is definately a PG-18.  There is nothing so over the top that I would jump to an R-rating, and it seems to be historically accurate, but there are a few questionable moments.  There is a swearing through-out, an alcoholic abusive husband, a humorous scene with a "less-than clothed" man, numerous references to dressing like hussy, and the "Terrible Awful" is really awful. 

Happy Reading

I listened to this book on audio and absolutely loved it!  There are actually 4 readers so each of the characters has her own voice, which was an absolute plus for the book!  As for the story, it was amazing.  This is one of those thinking books that is also entertaining.  The only thing that bothered me were the author's pointless references to various lifestyles and events that were only in the book for shock value.  I guess that makes me uptight, but the book would've been every bit as entertaining without the junk.  I wasn't really ever offended, more just bugged.  I hate it when authors do that!


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