Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Author: JK Rowling
My Recommended age: 10 and up
Guided Reading Level: W
Lexile Level: 1030L

As Harry begins his 6th year at Hogwarts, his true purpose in life is the theme of the story.  Harry has to finally finish off Voldemort.  Dumbledore takes an active role in giving Harry the tools he'll need to get the job done.  With the help of Ron, Hermione and the Half Blood Prince the previous owner of Harry's potion book, we learn what it will take to
actually kill Voldemort. 

If you get to this point in the Harry Potter series, you have to be ok with the magic of the characters.  This book reads very similar to the previous 5, although it isn't as dark as the last book (Order of the Phoenix).  Ron gets a girlfriend and there is a lot of snogging going on during the first half of this book.  Rowling does an excellent job of keeping the action simple and free of any details.  This is not a romance after all.  There are some rather scary new creatures introduced in Half Blood Prince, including "inferi' (which are dead bodies enchanted to do a wizards bidding).  Overall this was a great read and a wonderful story!


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