Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author: JK Rowling
My Recommended age: 10 and up
Guided Reading Level: W
Lexile Level: 980L
Ok we admit is, as Harry Potter junkies, we were some of those insane fans that went with our friends to Barnes and Noble at Midnight to pick up the book (4 copies actually since our kids wanted to read to).  Then in a further show of lunacy stayed up until 3:00 am reading, stopped for a few short hours, and then proceeded to spend most of the next day finishing this 784 page book.  Having said all of that, this last installment of the Potter series was fabulous. Unlike the previous books the majority of it does not take place at Hogwarts.  This is a great twist, and a great way to keep the series interesting.  For the most part the content in this book is similar to the rest of the series.  We learn details about the death of Harry's parents, there are several tellings of people being tortured and killed, there is a creepy snake incident, and at a couple of points Harry is naked which was totally unnecessary and really bugged us.   Also some of our favorite characters are killed which was sad.  Nothing in the book was overly offensive, more like bothersome aspects to be aware of. 

Overall this was a great ending and we are sad to see the Harry Potter series end.
Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz

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