Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy Gets Dressed
Author: Jonathon London
Picture Books

When my oldest son was almost two, we were in a bookstore with my mom.  She was looking for a book and we were occupying the time reading their huge selection of board books.  When I picked up Froggy and started reading we both started laughing.  My son because froggy was so funny, and me because he was laughing so hard his fat little pudge rolls were shaking.  We soon had attracted the attention of several sales people, as well as many customers, and the book store sold out of the book.  They invited us back anytime.  

Froggy has a whole series of funny picture books with everything from Froggy's first kiss, to Froggy's baby sister (a book that we used to tell our kids we were having our fourth).   They are delightfully entertaining read-alouds!

Happy Reading

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