Family Read-A-Thon

Do you remember how excited you were when your 2nd grade teacher announced that your class was having a read-a-thon. Then at school, trying to find a cozy spot on the carpet so that you could read and eat! I remember packing my pillowcase full of books, candy, blankets, and anything else I might "need". One year, I even remember packing my mom's huge heavy quilt so that I could make a tent over my desk. (It didn't work very well, but I remember it!)

In that same spirit, we had our first ever Family Read-A-Thon. We decided ahead of time, that we were NOT staying inside reading when the weather was nice, so we waited for a cold windy day. We read for two hours, but broke it up into 1/2 hour segments. Each 1/2 hour the timer would go off and we would get a different treat: donuts and hot cocoa, popcorn, and apples with caramel.

My youngest is still learning to read, so we decided that my two older kids could each take a 1/2 hour and read out-loud to their sister. Then both my husband and I read to her for 1/2 hour. The best was, when the kids decided that our dog needed to be read to also.

It was so fun! My kids have asked when we could do it again, and I will definately plan it. I think next time we will go 1/2 hour longer and add in a "write a story" segment.  Then we can share our stories with each other as part of our bed-time routine.

Try It!

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