Fablehaven Series Book 1
Author: Brandon Mull
My recommended age:  10 and up
Grade level reading equivalent: 4.2
Lexile 700L
Interest level: grade 3-6
Fantasy Fiction

Kendra and Seth are stuck having to spend several weeks with their grandparents; whom they neither know well or particularly like.  Resigned to a summer of boredom, they quickly discover there is much more to their grandparent's home at Fablehaven then meets the eye.  They inadvertently become involved with all of the mysterious creatures at Fablehaven, and must figure out how to save not only their grandparents, but also Fablehaven and the rest of the world.

We both loved this book!  What a great fantasy series with fun, new, and different ideas than other fantasy books that we have previously read.  It was so refreshing to read something different than the typical "Harry Potter style" fantasy we have seen so much of lately. 

Be aware that Seth, age 11,  (who is a pretty cool kid), doesn't follow the rules. In fact he flat out disregards them all the time!  This disobedience causes the dangerous situation at Fablehaven.  You would hope that the reader would see the bad consequences of Seth's actions, but the adolescent brain doesn't always think that way.  Also, some of the creatures are scary and/or disgusting.  Nothing offensive in this book, just those few things to be aware of.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz

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