Guilty Pleasure Book 3
Author: Stephenie Meyer
 (With all the questionable material in this one,
I think that renaming this "Guilty Pleasure Book 3" is just about right.) 
My Recommended Age: 15 and Up
Lexile Level: 670L

By this point in the series, Stephenie Meyer has earned a following so huge that anyone who can't find hundreds upon hundreds (and hundreds) of opinions about hunky vampires or hot and steamy werewolves must have a broken computer and television. 

Eclipse is written much the same as the first two, with the details of becoming a vampire displayed like underwear hanging on a clothesline.  For those of you who stay awake at night and think of all the vampire books you have read, these details may seem insignificant.  However, for those of us who don't often visit the blood-sucking genre, the details given on newborn vampires and the vampire battle at the end with dismembered body parts was blaring.  (Ever seen a hot pink DD flappin in the wind...that'll give you nightmares.)

Bella's "damsel in distress" act (or should I say damsel who can't function) is getting to the point where I am ready for Bella to grow a backbone.   However, where would this series be without the obsessive romance?  It does bother me a little bit to think that this totally unhealthy relationship is being portrayed as normal and romantic rather than what it really is...debilitating and make-believe.
Some of you may notice that I raised my recommend reading age for this.  My reasoning was based solely and completely on Bella's desire to experience one thing before she is changed.  (Anyone thinking that one thing is a trip to DisneyWorld has it all wrong) There is kissing...lots o'kissing and Bella wants more, but Edward says no (at least someone has morals...oh wait, I forgot he is a VAMPIRE).

This guilty pleasure is another page turner.  Despite my concerns, I still enjoyed reading it.  I only hope that as we pass it off to our daughters and nieces, we will remember that not all enjoyable books are good for everyone. 

Happy Reading

Becky says:

My recomended reading age: 13 and up (if you let your girls start the series, good luck getting them to stop now).

Liz pretty much summed it up on this one.  I continue to have the same issues with the Bella's lousy example to teenage girls.  As an adult I was able to see that this relationship scenerio is so not real life, but I don't think that the average high schooler will... and I know that a 3rd grader won't.  I must give credit where it is due here, I was so proud of Meyer for refusing to allow Bella to "get her way" with Edward.  Way to keep morality as the good a noble virtue that it is. 


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