Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Series: Book 2
Author: Suzanne Collins
Grade Level Equivalent: 6-8
Lexile 820L
My Recommended Age: 13 and Up

Book 2 of The Hunger Games is every bit as exciting and brutal as the first. Katniss and Peeta have returned from winning the annual Hunger Games.  Unfortunately, their sly victory has made them enemies of the President and caused many of the outlying districts to rebel.  The story, while already captivating, takes an unexpected turn of events which we both found to be the "hook line and sinker" of the book.   The story is provocative and includes themes such as morality, obedience, oppression, rebellion, redemption, sacrifice and, of course, survival.  The violence, while not gory or graphic in detail, is plentiful.

Some excellent discussion questions with this book may include:  
  • The similarities between today's reality TV shows and this.
  • America's obsession with violence as entertainment.
  • Whether or not it is morally necessary to rebel against a government if its actions are immoral.
This is a great read!   Although it is written so that pre-teens will understand it, the deeper moral issues may be more appropriate for ages 13 and up.
Happy Reading and Enjoy!
~Liz and Becky

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  1. Thank you to Becky for sending me this and Hunger Games. I enjoyed Hunger Games (is that an appropriate way to put it?) and am now reading Catching Fire.

    My 16 year old just started Hunger Games and is liking it better than he thought he would.


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