Breaking Dawn

Twilight Series: Book 4
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Lexile level: 690L
Enough Clean Smut... The series is over!
I am not even sure I can call this "clean smut", but I will. I guess since we are at the end, Meyer had to lay it on thick.  Everything that has been building up to this point, in terms of morality, comes on fast!  Bella and Edward are married and "honeymooning" in the first several chapters.  While little is described in detail, except broken furniture and lots of bruising, (watch out for that vampire super-strength) it is enough information to give the reader a vivid mental picture.  (Can you say Salacious Super-Natural Soap Opera...) 

As this all happened really quickly, I had to ask myself the question, "Well now what?"   Stephenie Meyer's answer...600 pages of anticipation over the huge battle, vampires fearing for their lives, worrying about those that they love...with a few good "clean smut scenes" mixed in.  Don't forget a gory supernatural birth scene with lots and lots of blood, cracking bones, and near death, oh but the blood based smoothies make it all worth it. (Did I really read this?)   Don't worry though, Meyer makes the ending really neat and pretty, and only last 10 pages."  (what, that's it?)

I hope that I am not spoiling anything for anyone, but this was a disappointing ending to a good series.  Also, was anyone else weirded out by the werewolf-child thing or was that just me?

Now that much being said, I want to take a moment and point out that despite the lame ending, it was a good series for me. But, I AM 35 YEARS OLD!  No matter how much your kid begs and pleads, this is the classic example of the series that starts off OK for a 13 year old and ends up OK for a 35 year old...OK maybe a 16 year old, but even that is pushing it.  I am sure that all you moms are out there laughing at me thinking, "your daughter is going to get to Jr High and that will be the first book she checks out from the library".  You know what, you are probably right.  But to offer it to these innocent tweens is like offering a steak dinner to a 6 month might taste really good, but they just aren't ready for it and they could choke!  
Happy Reading

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  1. I agree.

    Also, I have to (in good conscience) throw this plug out there as well. A friend who knew that I, like her, liked the Twilight Series, invited me to do a book club with on a series called Sookie Stackhouse "True Blood". They are aimed at the teen audience so I figured they'd be harmless and very similar to Twilight. The books couldn't be more graphic! If you have a teen who wants to read these, think twice. I'm 38 and it was too much for me. The sad thing is the stories were actually great until they would throw the smut in (the whole poop in the brownies thing). I read the first 3 books thinking I could skip around the bad stuff. Just didn't work and dropped the series.


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