Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox

Author; Eoin Colfer
Reading Level: 6.2
Interest Level: 6-8
Lexile Level: 780L
My Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Artemis's mother has contracted a life-threatening "fairy disease" and the cure lies in the brain fluid of an extinct Lemur.  Artemis and Holly use their knowledge of magic and time-travel to go back and save the last known Lemur. Of course, Artemis knows about this Lemur because he was the one who sentenced it to death.  

The young money-hungry Artemis is not the only antagonist in this plot.  Artemis and Holly have to defeat a maniacal poacher as well as an old Fairy friend whose clever misdeeds send the world into all sorts of chaos.  The magical imp, No. 1 helps send the two back in time, but not without a few small nuisances. 

By the time you get to Book 6 in a series, we can pretty much assume we know what questionable content it is going to have.  A few minor things to take note of, Holly and Artemis must travel in the time tunnel in nothing but their underwear (skivies according to my kids).  So they take off everything and head into the time tunnel.  When they arrive in Fowl Manor years earlier, they steal some of their own clothes and quickly get dressed.  Also, the two friends do have a little romantic moment and they kiss.  There is some violence and animal lovers could get offended at the poacher's comments, but if your child does ok at the zoo, I think they'll be ok with this.  

The Time Paradox is every bit as fun as the other books.  I am not sure how I feel about Artemis and Holly's little relationship, but I suppose I don't need to worry about it too much.  The ending is an exciting twist, but leaves you hanging a bit...I enjoyed it, but am getting ready for this series to end.  Of course, I am of the opinion that sometimes we just need to move on and after six times of saving the world, maybe Artemis needs to retire. Others may not agree and that's ok:)

Happy Reading

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