Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

Author: Artemis Fowl
Lexile 770L
Guidede reading level X
Grade Level Equivilant: 6.2
Interest Level: 6-8
My Recommended Age 12 and Up
Opal Koboi is back!  Supposedly locked up in a mental hospital, Opal has cloned herself and planned her escape and her revenge.  Artemis and Butler have had their minds wiped, and having no memory of the Fairy world have gone back to their criminal ways.  (A fact that I did not love by the way...)  Opal has two side-kicks, who help her carry out her plan and manage to turn the entire fairy world against Holly Short.  Now Holly must convince Artemis and Butler that Opal is a threat not only to them, but also to their friends in the underground world.

If I ever thought Artemis was a bad guy than Opal is just flat out evil!  The plot in this one is excellent and moves rapidly through deadly traps.   I wanted Artemis to remember that he is a good guy sooner than he did, but that did take some time.  Once again, Colfer uses humor throughout the story to lighten the mood and keep the story moving.  So much so, that I had a hard time putting it down.  

Things to keep in mind, a main character dies.  The death is not overly descriptive, but nonetheless, it is there.  The harsh language is present and I am beginning to accept that Colfer may not have kids, or that he uses colorful adjectives in his everyday speech.  Mulch is once again so funny and does use his "gas skills".  Artemis and Holly also fight a troll similar to the fight in the prior book.  Without giving too much of the plot away, there is an evil child in peril that may cause really sensitive kids some concern, but if your kids are really sensitive they shouldn't be reading Artemis Fowl anyway.

On a side note, a secret code is printed at the bottom of each page and the author challenges reader to break the code. Both my son and I tried, but could not do it.

Happy Reading!

Becky says:

This was my favorite book in the series!

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