Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

Author: Eoin Colfer
Reading Level: 6.2
Interest Level 6-8
Lexile 740L
Guided reading level X
My Recommended Age: 13 and Up
For some reason, Demons are materializing without warning on Earth.  They come and go quickly, but if anyone were to see or capture them, the secret underground world could be exposed.   No one in the underground understands how this could be happening, but Artemis, bored with his "legal" life, has hacked into Foaly's computers and is tracking the Lost Colony.  Unfortunately, so has some one else.  Colfer introduces several new characters including, a young teenage girl Minerva, who helps Artemis finally realize that he has hormones as well as a loveable Demon Imp, No. 1.  Holly Short and Mulch have joined forces and left the LEP.  They are recruited into a secret government agency hoping to discover the secret to these appearing Demons.  Butler and Foaly return as well as their even cooler techno-gizmo's.
Perhaps I should not admit this, but there were many times while reading this book that I thought, "Wait, what just happened".  Who knows, maybe I was not in the right frame of mind, but this was a twisted plot.  It was still an enjoyable read, I just didn't "get" the Demon world as much as the underground world.  The Demon world is not for the faint of heart as their leader is preparing the imp's to destroy the humans.  Language is not as bad in this one, but it is a slightly more in-depth plot.  There is another evil body-guard who uses force and death-threats.  Also, as previously mentioned, Artemis does bring up his hormones a few times, and makes mention of the fact that he is noticing girls.  (On a personal note, this "noticing girls" didn't fit.  I realize that Colfer added it in to get us to like Minerva, but the whole time I thought it was pushed...just my opinion though.)  Finally, my heart ached a little for Artemis's parents.  I don't want to give anything away, but a few of my heart strings were tugged on at the end. 

Happy Reading

Becky says:

My recommended age: 12 and up

This was my least favorite in the series, not that it wasn't good, but I said "What was that", alot.

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